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At Evoke Gaming we aim to attract and select the very best people to represent our brands. Our recruitment and induction focuses on the right person to continously deliver a service style that keeps our customers coming back for more.

Aside from technical expertise, we seek people with a genuine passion for delivering exceptional customer experience, who will strive to help us consistently create an outstanding experience for our players. We offer development opportunities to ensure that you become one of our capable and committed team members who offer the very best in online gaming.

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profile-russellWhen I first moved to Malta I really didn’t know much about online gambling. It was after many months of socialising with friends, colleagues, and working professionals, that I started to realise that I was clearly missing out on something – THE ONLINE GAMING INDUSTRY. Little did I realise that this “something” would then change the next 8 years of my life.

After securing a job in one of Malta’s largest gaming companies over 8 years ago, I haven’t looked back since. I started at the bottom as a junior designer, learning, networking, and taking everything in as it unfolded around me. I am now the Head of Design for variety of brands, managing a team of guys, earning an awesome wage, working for an amazing company that I feel very grateful to be a part of.

Working in the gaming industry has given me a quality of life here in the Mediterranean sunshine, that I couldn’t be more thankful for. The people are great, the work is fun and exciting, the office environment is very relaxed providing us a lot of freedom to live and be happy. And unlike other industries I genuinely do enjoy coming to work every day!

Best advice I can give anyone thinking about applying to work in this industry, is to stop thinking about it and just do it! You won’t be sorry.

profile-raymondThere are many reasons as to why I love to be part of the EVOKE family. Here I am not just a number, my opinion is listened to, discussed and taken into consideration. EVOKE is very transparent and direct with it’s employees, something which I firmly believe every company should be because it creates a mutual layer of added trust and respect between everyone within the company. It is very rare that an employee has a voice in a company and it is even rarer that an employee is trusted with such key and sensitive information on a regular basis.

EVOKE makes day-to-day work more enjoyable because it treats it’s core workforce with great care. Some of the perks that all EVOKE family members get are: Work Flexibility, Full Health Insurance, Gym Membership, Travel/Parking/Personal Investment Schemes, Monthly Body Massage, Lot’s of fun events on a regular basis, Weekly (massive) breakfast, Weekly chill-out Friday’s, Retro Arcade Machine at the office, Comfortable Office and all team members are given the latest IT Equipment.

EVOKE also invests in the continuous growth of it’s employees by frequently sending us to courses, expos and events both in Malta and abroad to gather new skills and upgrade our existing ones as well.

I also love my job because my day to day tasks are always different and this helps me to stay focused and interested in what I’m doing – not to mention that it boosts my creativity as well.

profile-anetteIt was really an adventure to move from Stockholm to a country I’ve never been to before and to start working in the iGaming industry. There were a lot of practical things to manage but Malta is a great place to live in, especially with concern to the warm weather.

My new role at Evoke was a bit more technical then my past work experiences but it holds just the right balance of being fun, challenging and fulfilling. The atmosphere at the office is warm and friendly, I felt welcome right away by all my colleagues.

profile-EmilWhen starting within the iGaming industry I decided that I wanted to be someone that would bring out the best of other and help them strive forward. Keeping this goal in mind I started as a support agent at Evoke, never losing sight of what I had in mind.

Getting the chance to use my skill set and knowledge of the industry, I am now working within the Acquisition department giving my all to make sure our Affiliates are well taken care of!

The open-door policy at Evoke gives the employees a chance to be heard without feeling that they are stepping on any boundaries, we are all different but at the same time we are all brought to this world as equals. My new “family” became the reason for me to walk into work with a smile on my face every morning, and I’ll do what I can to share this feeling with the others!

Being a part of this industry have not only allowed me to reach new goals and explore new challenges within my career, the approximately 330 days of sun each year, the “Mela” lifestyle and the inviting atmosphere of this Mediterranean rock is something that just can’t be taken for granted.

It’s easier to regret what you have done, than regretting what you never did! So don’t think about it, DO IT!